why the caja del rio needs protection

The Caja deserves our protection

The Caja is a strikingly beautiful place of invaluable cultural, historical and ecological importance. Sadly, the area has long suffered the consequences of inadequate protection. Desecration of Pueblo ancestral homes, ceremonial kivas, and petroglyphs, persistent illegal dumping and unregulated shooting, poaching, irresponsible off-roading, and destruction of endangered species are all imminent threats that must be addressed in order to protect this cherished landscape. 

Desecration of petroglyphs and sacred sites
Desecration and theft of petroglyphs/sacred sites
Shot-up trash
Illegal dumping, unregulated shooting
Irresponsible, destructive off-road vehicle use
Irresponsible off-road vehicle use
Potential fragmentation from road development
Fragmentation from road development
Like its name suggests, the burrowing owl is a ground-dwelling species that lives in the burrows of other animals, like prairie dogs or gophers. While conservation concerns are dependent on the particular region, the population of the burrowing owl is declining or threatened in many areas due to off-road driving, pesticide use, and prairie dog colony poisoning.
Poaching and killing of endangered/threatened species

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