Abq Caja Film Fest

Protecting the Caja del Rio is our mission, but we couldn't do it without the collective efforts of the conservation groups, Tribal and City elected officials, recreational groups, and most of all - the support from people like you.

To showcase the ongoing efforts to protect the Caja del Rio, we're bringing the community together for our first ever Caja Film Fest, hosted in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque. RSVP for these free events, and see more about the films below the form.

We are pleased to showcase the following short films about the Caja del Rio:


Screenshot of 30x30 video created by WCP

Caja del Rio: Road to 30 Postcard: 5min 19sec

Brophy Toledo, a member of the Jemez Pueblo (Walatowa) and co-founder of the Flower Hill Institute, José Villegas Sr, a Catholic Chaplain and Mayordomo of the Valle de la Cieneguilla Land Grant, and Andrew Black, a minister at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe and the public lands field director for the National Wildlife Federation shares what makes the Caja a spiritual, cultural, and ecologically significant area and why it is one of the most endangered landscapes in the country.


Saving Caja: 5min 30sec

The Caja del Rio is a critical piece of a wildlife migration corridor that runs from Colorado to Mexico—one of the most intact wildlife pathways in the nation. Despite these important wildlife and cultural values, the Caja faces numerous threats—including wildfires, mining, poaching, vandalism, desecration, illegal dumping, and habitat fragmentation. A broad coalition of people—ranging from Pueblo governors, spiritual leaders, outdoor recreationists, and community advocates have all come together to advocate for permanent protections for the Caja.


HECHO: The Caja del Rio: 6min 15sec

Recognized by the New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance as one of the State’s “most endangered places,” the Caja contains thousands of ancient petroglyphs and significant archaeological sites. The area is considered sacred to various Native American Pueblos and Tribes throughout the region. With scenic mesas, dramatic river canyons, and beautiful cacti forests, the Caja includes remarkable biodiversity and incredible geology with various fault and tectonic zones formed by the Río Grande rift 2 to 5 million years ago.

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